Financial Management Systems Training for Lagos State Medical Directors

The private sector plays a pivotal role in achieving HSDF’s vision to save lives by improving the quality of decision-making and execution in the health sector. The Private Sector Engagement team, on HSDF’s Service Delivery and Innovation Program, is focused on working exclusively with private health facilities to ensure that this vision is achieved in the sector. Decision making on the sustainability of private medical practices is seriously hampered by the financial literacy and the depth of financial management systems in place in these facilities.

A two-day training for A baseline assessment of 40 owner-managed private facilities in target LGA was conducted. The assessment sought to determine the level of financial literacy, and the sustainability of financial management systems in place in the facilities. This assessment revealed the dearth of adequate financial systems and the need to build capacity of the Medical Directors. To address the inadequacies in these facilities, the PSE team organized and conducted training sessions for the MDs on financial management systems, corporate governance and succession planning.

The training held over two days at the Santos Hotel in Egbeda and the DeOasis Centre in Agbara; A total of 40 MDs were trained from the facility network across Alimosho, Ikotun Shasha, Orile-Agege, Agbara and Badagry. Pre and Post tests were administered to attendees to ascertain the knowledge gained from the training and highlight areas to be re-emphasized in subsequent mentoring sessions. Attendees also participated in class exercises and breakout sessions.

Following the training, the PSE team also conducted on-site mentoring for the MDs at their facilities. This also allowed for the training of MDs within the network who were unable to attend the collective training earlier in the month.