Global Health Supply Chain co-refinement workshop, June 2018.

Given the complexities of the challenges of the MNCH supply chain, The Global Health Supply Chain-Procurement and Supply Management project seeks to leverage a Human Centered Design (HCD) approach to fully understand the challenges facing the supply chain and develop a strategy and implementation plan to developing a sustainable supply chain for essential MNCH commodities in the 3 States that are aligned with contextual realities.

Using a phased approach, the project kicked off with an alignment workshop across the 3 States to introduce the HCD concept to stakeholders and users and gain a better understanding of the stakeholders’ challenges with the MNCH supply chain. The outcome was the identification of opportunities for improvement of the MNCH supply chain. A follow-up ideation workshop held in June with the various stakeholders and user groups across all 3 States to design a set of solutions that could potentially address the identified challenges. These ideas were further refined and tested and prototypes developed for each solution.

The final phase of the project kicked off with the co-refinement workshop held yesterday, Tuesday June 26th 2018. This workshop brought together various users of the MNCH supply chain and allowed for collaborative validation of designed concepts, the opportunity to synthesize refined concepts, and the creation of a detailed implementation plan. The stakeholders invited and in attendance included key representatives of the State Primary Healthcare Agencies/Boards, State Ministries of Health, Ward Development Committees, and other key community leaders.

The HCD approach being utilized on this project, has its unique advantage because of the involvement of users from end to end. It ensures that users critically think through the challenges within the supply chain system, how these challenges affect them performing their duties/reaching their goals and design solutions to the challenges. Thus, implementers are given a chance to go forward with solutions that the users have potentially bought into and willing to drive from end to end.

HSDF, as a health systems partner, is working with McKinsey and its design arm VeryDay , as a partner on this project. HSDF brings its supply chain and context expertise across the 3 States, providing technical assistance and guidance, and providing support in analysis and fieldwork.