National Health Management Information System (NHMIS) Training in Imo State

In 2017, the HSDF Performance Management Team (PMT) supported Imo state to develop an implementation plan for engaging the private sector. Based on the plan, the State set out a target to train 120 private facilities on the National Health Management Information System (NHMIS) by December, 2017.  The training was to be conducted in 3 batches with 40 private facility nominees per batch, pooled from each senatorial zone in the state.

To ensure the commitment and buy-in of relevant stakeholders on the training of private facilities, HSDF held meetings with Primary Health Centre (PHC) Coordinators, LGA Immunisation Officers (LIOs) and M&E officers from the 3 zones.  The meetings also allowed the State pair private facilities with Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) close to them to ensure submission of monthly facility reports. HSDF supported the LGA M&E officers in communicating to the Medical Directors of private facilities requesting for nominees for the training.

The Imo State Health Management Information System (HMIS) team in collaboration with HSDF conducted the training from November 2017 through early February 2018; 107 private facility nominees from Owerri, Orlu and Okigwe zones with 40, 40 and 27 nominees, respectively, were trained.

The training was conducted over a two-day period per batch and was facilitated by LGA M&E officers with support from State HMIS team and HSDF. The training agenda included opening remarks and interactive PowerPoint presentations on training objectives and an overview of NHMIS by State HMIS and HSDF teams. To ensure active participation and engagement, the facilitators utilized lectures/discussions, case studies and group activities in the capacity building on 13 NHMIS data tools. HSDF provided the trainees with the NHMIS manual and data tools.

To conclude the training, a suitable action plan to ensure monitoring and knowledge transfer was agreed upon – Trained nominees were to cascade the training at their facilities with support of OICs within one week of the training.

The HSDF PMT continues to work to build capacity in its focus states to ensure the generation of quality data for informed decision making and improved private sector reporting rates.